Re:50cm 9W 5630 SMD 36 LED Cabinet Light DC 12V

I have recently brought the above strip lights. Can someone please advise me which drivers I need to order to: a) Power 3 of the above b) Power 2 of the above c) Power 1 of the above Many thanks Colin

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You need a power supply which provides 12 volts DC. Given a sensible margin for safety and expansion, I would go with a

  • 15 watt unit for 1 light
  • 30 watt unit for 2 lights
  • 45 watt unit for 3 lights.

The main thing is making sure the power supply unit is legal to connect in bousehold wiring, depending on how power is being supplied to it. It might be a unit that bolts into a 1/2" knockout, or mounts on a junction box faceplate, etc.

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