I have an older Craftsman Riding mower that I have to wiggle the wire connector to get it to start. The ignition switch is working properly (I checked it with a multimeter) so I think the issue has to be in the wiring connector. Is there any reason why I can't remove the wiring connector and replace the connections using female disconnects? A new wiring harness is $70 and I am looking for an alternative.

enter image description here


Yes, they went out of their way to use a standard type part so you could do that.

Those connectors do have 3 different widths, so watch out what you are buying.


When I am faced with this kind of situation I evaluate time, money and the likelihood I will be doing the job again and also the cost of a new system.

That said $70 is your basis + your installation labor + you might need to replace the female connection and wiring.

So that said one option is to replace the connectors Male / Female with a better quality and more standard available connector such as the below link.

MS5015 Amphenol Connector

These connectors are rugged and the MS 5015 link shows units acceptable for Military Ground Equipment , there are other higher quality units used in Military Aircraft as well - but you don't need that.


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