I have a nice chandelier that I'd like to keep, however the light sockets are deteriorating and the light bulbs don't always connect properly which causes flickering.

Socket Pictures

Any ideas on how to replace the socket?

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    it looks like oxidization deposit, see if you can scratch it of with some steel wool – ratchet freak Jan 12 '12 at 16:20

This is a relatively easy DIY job. The sockets are most of the time removable. I can't tell exactly from your picture, but they are usually held in place by a screw below, the socket itself screws in, or the sockets sometimes have a thread on the top and a bolt holds it down. Remove the reflector/glass and take a look to see if you can figure out how to remove it. There will be two wires attached, usually with a screw terminal. Unscrew the wires and remove the socket. Go to Home Depot or your local hardware store and find an exact replacement (they are 99% of the time standard sockets). Re-attach the wires (doesn't matter if they are reversed in this case), re-attach the socket and enjoy your handy work!

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