So, I'm a little stumped on this one. I've installed laminate over a pad, but because of the way that the boards click in and the fact that it's a floating floor, the parts that end near the edges (particularly the last row that runs parallel to the wall) has a little bit of bounce to it. Not really anywhere else, just the last row because it's not on a laser level subfloor (concrete basement) and the pad itself has some squish to it.

So the problem is, when you step on the last board it travels a little bit. I can install the baseboard tight to the laminate (still allows it to slide under the baseboard for expansion), but even then it still produces a squeak with the subtle friction between the baseboard and the floor board. I could install the baseboard loose, but then the last row would move up and down (which would be a little weird) and I'm guessing whould "whack" the base if I put it up too high.

What's the right way to do it? Most instruction I see just say "nail your baseboard up and have a drink" and the ones that actually say anything usually say to keep the base tight (though many are for wood floors that don't flex so much).

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The last board is not secure to the wall ,and has plenty of movement - buy some talcum powder aka baby powder and place that under neath your floor boards and between the racks (joints) . It will act as a lubricant. Secure your baseboard tightly.

Here is a link you can read more about it.

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