I'm swapping the old garbage disposal at my wife and I's first home. I disconnected the electrical components, but I'm stuck on how to remove this power cord. I doubt it any of these parts came with the old disposal. It's on there ridiculously tight and the only grip I can get on it is the bottom part, but I feel like the top part needs to be removed as well. Any thoughts? I don't have much slack, so this is the best vantage point I have. I have some gut feelings, but I don't want to damage anything. I feel like I'm stuck in a holding pattern at this point.

How do I remove this?

inside of the unit

UPDATE: the internet is amazing! Thank you both, that was exactly the confirmation I needed!

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The round hole/port where the conduit fitting is located is actually a threaded port.
If you unscrew the locking nut on the fitting, you will then be able to unscrew the threaded conduit fitting from the threaded port.

Threaded port:

enter image description here

Seal-tite conduit connector:

enter image description here

enter image description here


You need two tools. One must be a wrench to fit the bottom part, and be thin enough to let the top part project past it. The other must be a pipe wrench, vice-grip pliers, or adjustable pliers, to grip the top part. Don't be afraid to use a lot of force. Try to keep your fingers out of the way when the tools slip, or when the parts suddenly loosen and separate.

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