I'm installing engineered hardwood for the first time next week. The wood I've chosen is Wire Brushed Strand Woven Cocoa Bean 3/8 in. T. x 5-1/5 in. W. x 36.02 in. L. Click Lock Bamboo Flooring (13sq.ft./case) Model # 300011041 (Home Depot)

I'm wondering a few things:

What type of tape should I use to join together pieces of underlayment?
What type of nails/staples should I use for installation?
What's the recommended expansion gap? 

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The installation instructions for that product which are provided on Home Depot's web site indicate that this floor is intended for either floating or glue-down installation.
As such, no nails or staples are appropriate or necessary.
The instructions also specify a 1/2" expansion gap.

The fact that you're asking about taped underlayment strongly implies that you're not intending to glue it down - so (unless you're planning to go against the manufacturer's recommended installation instructions and nail it anyway) you should be doing a floating installation over the underlayment.

Some underlayment has pre-glued strips along one edge which you use to stick the pieces together, but obviously this doesn't always cover every join, so you'll probably need at least a little tape to finish off.
You should be able to buy this tape along with the underlayment.

  • Thanks, I completely missed the provided manufacturer instructions. It hasn't arrived yet and I'm trying to look ahead.
    – Patrick
    Apr 5, 2017 at 19:49

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