I would like to build a shelf capable of holding a maximum load of cca. 60Kg. The image show the placement of the shelf.

enter image description here

Below is a conceptual drawing with the dimensions.

enter image description here

The image shows the brackets serving as the main support for the shelf. They are capable of carrying far more than 60Kg but have a limited width.

This makes the "critical surface", the weakest link of the construction and the part most prone to breaking.

How would you approach this problem?


Really I think you need bigger brackets. Otherwise I'd consider ...

  • Make the wood thick
  • Select a strong species
  • Align the grain across the width (less chance of 40cm splitting off)
  • Extend the brackets using ~60cm pieces of wood as an intermediate support.
  • Screw a support rail along the wall up to the window.

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