My question is "what gauge wire do I need to replace the old wire?"

There is no power from the source.

What gauge wire should be used to run the new fan?

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    Um...where are you on this planet? Also, are you talking about the cable from the wall switch to the fan, or the fixture wiring inside the fan itself? – ThreePhaseEel Mar 19 '17 at 22:37
  • Are you replacing the wire because there is no power? If so, why do you think the problem is the wire? – Tyson Mar 19 '17 at 23:55
  • you need to give us a detailed description of what the problem is, what does " no power from the source" mean exactly. you say replacement, was there a problem before you replaced the old fan.? – Alaska Man Mar 20 '17 at 3:04

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