My whirpool washer has a lid lock . The washer turns on and the fill light and lid lock light come on then after only 3 0r 4 seconds it shuts off. replaced the lid lock mechanism at a neighbors suggestion but it still does the same thing

  • Realize this is an old question, but for others. Open the manual, usually there is a troubleshooting section that can help you decode errors. Sometimes an error code or a sequence of lights on the unit indicate what the problem is. Check online, maybe someone else had a similar problem and posted their troubleshooting steps. The new units have so many sensors it could be any number of things causing it to stop mid cycle. For example, my washer decided the water was too cold and stopped filling. – beswald Jan 24 at 13:08

If the washer is new, take it back and get a replacement.

If the washer is old, get a new one. They don't last like they used to.

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