Changed out the wall switch- No help. This affects both the fan and the lights. I may have bulbs that are too high for the fan. I will change those out later today. When I leave the wall switch on it comes back on after a week or so. Its a terrific looking fan that isn't produced anymore. Tommy Bahama Paradise key fan.

Thanks in advance

  • Is there a receiver or power limiter in the fan? What do you have in there for bulbs, and what lighting wattage is it rated for? – ThreePhaseEel Mar 2 '17 at 0:15

You might have LED bulbs, mismatched types or even mix of LED and Compact Flourescent. I have seen similar thing mixing and matching Compact Flourescent and LEDS and also LED brand bulbs.

A quick check: take the bulbs out, see how it is with out bulbs.

If it works for you - get all the same brand and type bulbs. If you purchase LED's find dimmables that just work like regulars. Skip the El-Cheapos. CREE or Phillips is your best bet. I think I have Phillips Candle style (40w equiv) in the one unit - it has a Remote Control.

LEDs are frequency driven they have a switching power supply for drive circuitry which means there can be certain interference or crosstalk.

  • Hi Yes I swapped out for 4 of the same Sylvania 25 watt bulbs. Working now, but that's been the pattern Works for 5-7 days then stops for a couple of weeks. Thanks for the advise. – Jim T. Mar 3 '17 at 18:54

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