Under 2014 NEC do 240 volt dryer sockets need to be AFCI protected?

I see paragraphs specifying that single phase 125 volt circuits must be protected, but I have not found specifications for two phase 240 volt circuits.

  • Are you referring to the 2017 NEC? – ThreePhaseEel Feb 28 '17 at 23:18
  • Have clarified the question to specify 2014 NEC. However if there have been recent changes to this requirement I would be happy to hear about them – OrangePeel52 Mar 1 '17 at 2:08

No -- the 2014 NEC only calls out AFCIs for 120V, 15 and 20A outlets -- the dryer is 240V, so it doesn't need an AFCI.

210.12 Arc-Fault Circuit-Interrupter Protection. Arc- fault circuit-interrupter protection shall be provided as required in 210.12(A) (B), and (C). The arc-fault circuit interrupter shall be installed in a readily accessible location.

(A) Dwelling Units. All 120-volt, single-phase, 15- and 20-ampere branch circuits supplying outlets or devices installed in dwelling unit kitchens, family rooms, dining rooms, living rooms, parlors, libraries, dens, bedrooms, sunrooms, recreation rooms, closets, hallways, laundry areas, or similar rooms or areas shall be protected by any of the means described in 210.12(A)(l) through (6):

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