• Been going back and forth about which option to go with so thought I should ask the community what you think and which concrete mix is best.
  • Dimension for each slab are listed in the table.
  • As you can see, opting for 2" thick countertops.
  • Listing three options that are available to me in my area.

enter image description here

Of these options, which is best?

  1. Quikrete 5000
  2. Quikrete Countertop mix
  3. Spec Mix Premium Concrete Countertop Mix

1) is the most economical, but worried it's not the right product for the job unless maybe I add PVA fibers? 2) Is supposed to be made for countertops but it's hard to get in my area and I haven't heard great things about it. 3) Is pretty expensive and would cost me close to $465 before tax.

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Just being pedantic: PVA is glue; polypropylene is the term you're looking for.

Cheng, in "Concrete Countertops" isbn 1-56158-484-3 states (p. 98) that Quikcrete 5000 is fine if you add fibers, water reducer, and pigments. If you don't already have the book, get it.

As a general tip regarding concrete (or any mix-ables, for that matter), buy more than you think you'll need and be prepared to return excess. There's nothing worse than being in the middle of a job and realizing that you're short.

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