Suppose you have an RV. It has a number of fixed, factory installed onboard loads - lights, heating, hot plate, etc. It also has some NEMA 5-15 receptacles.

The RV is wired with an "inlet" or a cord, which goes into a receptacle at the home or RV park or campsite.

Normally, if a circuit has receptacles, the fixed loads on that circuit can't be more than 50% of circuit capacity.

Is that also true for RVs? That is to say: Does the presence of a 120V/30A plug/inlet imply that the fixed loads in the RV only draw 15A max?

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IMO no. What is plugged in is the load, ie: the RV. The RV itself falls under a different set of codes, and IMO is not in and of itself a fixed load.

To be honest I have no idea how load calculations are done for the internal wiring of an RV. Interesting question though.

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