I recently used Valspar Project Perfect Black Fade Resistant Enamel Spray Paint to spray shudders. It says on the can that it's meant for wood/metal/wicker and more.

I purchased the spray paint before I took the shudders down and I assumed they were wood. However, turns out they are plastic. I used the spray paint anyway, and only realized after I was done that I should have used spray paint meant for plastic. Valspar has specific spray paint meant for plastic.

It's been a couple hours, but the paint doesn't seem to have adhered that well. I still get some powdery residue coming off when I handle it.

If it matters, I prepped the shudders by cleaning them thoroughly with a sponge and soap, then hosing them down, and letting them dry.

  1. Is it OK that I used this type of spray paint?
  2. If not, can the be salvaged somehow?
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    You've discovered why they make a specific spray pain for plastic - it just doesn't stick (depends on the type of plastic or unless you use a primer 1st). I think your only solution is to clean the fresh paint off and start again... – brhans Jan 30 '17 at 15:08

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