I have installed recessed lighting in my home.

This is a 3 month old home and I got the light/ fan prewire from the builder

Below are the items I used:

I did check for compatibility before I decided on the lights / dimmers. The light manufacturer's documentation lists the Caseta as a compatible dimmer

On my first floor I have 6 3000K lights with one dimmer and another 4 lights with one dimmer

On my second floor I have 4 5000K lights with one dimmer in 3 locations

All the lights go off of the prewire installed by the builder

I have noticed the below issues :

1) When I turn on the lights they come up nicely with full brightness, but after some time one(just one) of them flickers for a few seconds and then goes back to normal This happens randomly, repeatedly. In one room, 2 of them flicker. I have noticed this behavior in all locations.

2)When I dim them to the lowest possible, one them flickers and eventually goes out completely. The others remain at the lowest level of dimming.

3)When they are turned off and I hit the up button on the dimmer(not the turn on button) all the lights flicker at the lowest dimming capacity and it takes a while for them to turn on

I intend to :

a) reach out to the manufacturers

b) do some testing with another brand of light

In the mean while, any thoughts /suggestions on how I can overcome these issues will be appreciated.


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