I have an outlet box (a simple receptacle box, not a cabinet, cutout box, or meter socket box, so I don't see 312.5 applying to this) surface mounted on the block wall of my garage. Then I have NM cable in EMT (for physical protection) leaving the box going up the block wall. I have a drywall ceiling in the garage. I want to go through the dry wall ceiling and go on my merry way with just the NM cable. My question is: How do I go through the drywall ceiling? Do I have to stop the EMT short of the ceiling and go through the ceiling with the just the cable? (Of course, I'll seal around the cable) Or, do I go through the drywall ceiling with the EMT and then exit the EMT in the attic? (The attic is unfinished, no floor or anything.)

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The cable needs to be protected at least 8' up the wall if left open. I usually run the emt through the ceiling even if taller for looks then put a bushing on the end and run the cable normally.


Go ahead and have the EMT penetrate the ceiling, then use an EMT-to-NM transition fitting in the attic where the EMT ends:

EMT-to-NM transition coupling

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