I'm trying to do some wiring in a kitchen with a that's somewhat below grade with a slab floor and another floor above it. I'm going to need some junction boxes for the wiring. Usually I see these in an attic or basement, but these locations aren't an option here. Would it be okay to put them in the cabinets? Behind stove? Behind a refrigerator?


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Any of those should be fine. The junction box has to remain accessible - that means you can't drywall over it or such but doesn't mean you can't park a major appliance in front of it. Just put a blank cover plate over the box and call it good.


All of these will be fine but the wires have to be protected. Meaning in the walls or protected by armor if under cabinets. I would shy away from under cabinets unless they are high as it is a favorite hiding spot for kids not to mention people tend to store big metal pans under cabinets and often just jam/throw them in there.

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