I'm attempting to hook up the Infrared LED LED Light Bar - 54W to either a wall socket or a battery source. I'd like to know what hardware and what wiring I need to accomplish this. Any embelishment on the parameters that are important would be appreciated so I can solve this type of problem in the future. Thanks. -Rik

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You simply need a plug-in AC/DC converter (transformer) of 12-28 volts that provides enough current for the 54 watt consumption.

Divide 54 watts by the voltage of your selected transformer to calculate the amperage draw, and allow a 30% buffer or so. For example, 54 watts / 12 volts = 4.5 amps, so you'd want a transformer that provides at least 6 amps or so. The higher the transformer's voltage, the lower the current draw.

The power bar has a simple wire pigtail for connection, so you'll need to use appropriate crimp connectors or some other safe, insulated method.

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