I want to build an outlet that I can control on a timer or through a device like a smartphone. I am planning on using a solid state relay for this job. I'm aware of the electrical code stipulation that all low voltage and high voltage wires must be separated by a permanent barrier, as explained in this question. I was going to use a double gang box from home depot like this one to accomplish this. My question is, with the separator there, how do I connect the relay to the low voltage control?

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You can mix Class 2 conductors with power conductors in boxes if the power circuit conductors are introduced solely to connect to the equipment connected to the Class 2 circuit.

Class 2 circuits voltage and current limits are well-defined by National Electrical Code (NEC.) Also, NEC defines spacing between the class 2 conductors and power inductors.

See NEC article 725 for more.

  • Let's say someone has a 5VDC microcontroller driving the 5VDC control line of solid-state relay that switches on/off 240V/5A to drive the coil of a remote contactor. The microcontroller is powered with 9-12VDC (regulated down to 5VDC onboard). Does that mean that #12 wires @ 240V/5A can be brought the same junction box area that has the 9VDC-12VDC powered microcontroller and also the 5VDC triggered solid state relay, so that the solid state relay switch the 240V on/off?
    – clearlight
    Nov 2, 2018 at 5:16

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