Can I use a vinyl carpet like this:


to protect my hardwood floors?

I have a few use cases in mind:

  1. Protect hardwood floor from kitchen sink water splashes (the sink is in the counter top that separates the kitchen from the dinning/living room)
  2. Protect the floor from the computer chair.
  3. Protect computer table from scratches.

So simply put, can I use a vinyl carpet on hardwood floors? Will it not leave stains? Will it not melt in the summer from direct sunlight or something? Is it practical in general?


  • Most of the reviews are for use as a screen, 16 mills is not very thick I would think a office chair would make it curl up. I don't think it would melt but a non breathable membrane over the floor may cause a change in color. – Ed Beal Nov 18 '16 at 20:50
  • A change in color? What about regular floor protectors? They are not breathable too I think. Are they safe to use? Something like that: staples.ca/en/Staples-Hard-Floor-Chairmat-Rectangular-46-x-60-/… – Jenia Ivanov Nov 18 '16 at 20:53

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