Our new used stove is missing a couple of fairly important screws. They are apparently a Whirlpool custom design (p/n W10379120), but are described as "8-18 X 2.5 TR SC AB". I haven't found any pictures. They're kind of pricey (~$15+ net ea, depending); so, if I can use a (modified?) regular screw, I would. I'd also like to be sure there's not something else broken before I buy these.

So, does anyone know what the '8-18 ..' means? Obviously, a #8, and 2.5" long. But, does the 18-pitch imply it's self-tapping or something? And, I have no clue about the "TR SC AB".


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    They are 18-8 self tapping machine screws, type AB are fine thread type, They are stainless. Likely a phillips drive pan head as a standard AB type. Should sell in normal hardware stores for about .50-1.00 each. – spicetraders Dec 15 '16 at 23:34

8-18 is number 8 size, 18 threads/inch. The letters probably describe finish and head type (screwdriver or nut or some such). Any chance that same screw is used somewhere else in the stove assembly & you could find it there for comparison?

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