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Hi everyone. I already have a post about the same problem but i cant find it. Sorry I have a problem with my light switch and my outlet in my bedroom. My landlord wired them both together so i can have them both on or both off. So of a nightime i have to unscrew the bulb so i can leave my alarm clock phone etc on. I brought a torch to get me by but to be honest its really annoying me. This is been going on for nearly a month now. I have spoke to my landlord alot but he always says he will come around tomorrow which never happens. I big thing i forgot to mention is i live in spain. I have took some pictures to see if anyone can help. Picture 1 is showing the electric coming in the room, the light switch and the plug. Picture 2 is behind the cap where the electrics come in And picture 3 is behind the light switch. Im sure most of you know all of that anyway. I took the outlet off to have a look and its pretty straight forward. 1 brown 1 blue and a earth. What scares my is behind the light switch. All 3 blue wires are taped together. The earth is cut. So only the hot seems to be doing anything. Is that safe? I realise the code in spain is completly different (if they have a code at all). Thanks for your time in advance

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