I only need 2 settings for my heating, one for night and another for day since we're basically at home all day every day.

We have a ground source/underfloor setup which was designed to run primarily on night saver electricity, a bit like a storage system. So we set it low in the daytime and high at night. But because of the storage nature of the system and the fact that it takes probably a few hours to properly react to weather changes, I sometimes need to make manual tweaks to the temperature so I watch the weather a bit etc. It actually works fine believe it or not - EXCEPT THAT the thermostat that came with it is a nuisance because for instance if the weather gets suddenly cooler and I want to set my nighttime temperature higher I have to make seven changes ( one for each day ).

I want to replace the unit with a Programmable Thermostat which is set once for the seven days ( since they're all going to be the same anyway ) - however I only see one such device on the web and I'm not sure I can even buy it here ( Ireland ) ... there are many options for 7 day programmable stats and I know they have modes 7day, 5-2, 5-1 etc but none suggest being able to put them into a simple "single day" type mode - though I studied this stuff in college so I know a mode like this should be simple to add to a unit during design and manufacture

So my question is — it typical for a 7 day programmable to be capable of working in a more simplistic single day more, or do i have to go on doing seven times the programming every time I want to account for the weather?

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    Its still a product recommendation/shopping question, but the last 7 day thermostat I had you would have had to press "copy" 6 times after your change. I've also seen weekend /weekday thermostats with with only 2 schedules, and I think you can disable one of them by specifing no days are weekend days. Or just get a modern wifi thermostat (the current Nest version doesn't need extra wires) and you can reprogram all 7 days in 7 seconds from anywhere in the word.
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Sounds like you might want to trade in the 7 day programmable thermostat, for a 5-2 day one. A 5-2 day thermostat allows you to set one program for weekdays (Monday-Friday), and another for the weekend (Saturday, Sunday). That way you'll only have to change one or two programs, instead of 7.

I don't think they make 1 day programmable thermostats, though who knows what you can find on the internet. You may want to consider a non-programmable thermostat, if you don't mind managing the temperature changes manually.

You also might want to read the manual for your thermostat, looking specifically for override and hold. Typically, if you manually adjust the thermostat, it will maintain the new set point until the next part of the program starts. While the hold feature, should keep the modified set point until you tell it to stop (Run).

  • Yes thanks for the helpful comments howeverI think I know most of that already and I've read the manual on my own one several times but it did strike me I should read it one last time just in case since it's been a couple of years since I read it. By the way I think I've discovered the Honeywell CM901 is one device like what I might be after but it's double the price or a standard 7 day programmable and my local electrical shops dont stock it - might order one online. The 5-2 is still 4 times more programming than I want and I don't want to be manually setting the override and hold that way Commented Nov 3, 2016 at 23:10

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