(Context) The previous owners put a humidifier on the HVAC and I could have sworn that the red wire thing attached to the valve had a brush on the end of it when I was with the inspector months ago. It is getting close to winter and I thought I'd try out the humidifier, but there is all that gunk in the valve.

(Question 1) Can I find a brush to clean to it out at Home Depot? I am not sure what to look for.

(Question 2) I am also not sure of how to clean it out. Do I open that red cap and push it out the other end? Do I need a cleaning solution or water? I am not sure what that thing with the wires does :/

(Question 3) Do I need to cover the valve that is holding my busted trap brush? It is exposed to air, I can't find a cap anywhere, and pictures online show that valve without a cap.

(Question 4) My trap is very dirty, I just shined a flashlight on it, is it safe to flush it with a bleach/water mixture? What about isopropyl alcohol?

Picture of humidifier valve on HVAC

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    The black cap with two black wires looks like a level sensor, to shut down the system when there's an overflow. – Daniel Griscom Oct 30 '16 at 18:49

That looks like a drain, not a supply line.

The device with the wires is an EZ Trap Condensate Overflow Cut-Off Switch

Here's a similar device that includes a trap brush.

Here's just a trap brush.


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