I will be replacing my Heat Cable on my roof. Currently we have to plug it in manually when we want it to 'run'. This isn't a big deal but is annoying.

I'm not to interested in the sensors, i'd just like an easier way to control this plugin/unplug process. I was thinking of getting an Outdoor Outlet Switch with Remote and connect the Heat Cable to that. Will that work or am I asking for a fire?


As long as the switch is rated for the load it should be fine. Most of the cable heaters I have wired run on 12 amps or approximately 1500 watts or less (120V) if yours is similar you should be fine with 15 amp rated remote switch.


If you get a switch, get the six dollar version, not the 99 cent version. The 99 cent jobs may be "rated 15A" but they don't really mean that.

Or you could get this switch. It's made for 30A, it switches two wires. One wire is switched "hard" on/off. The other wire is switched by the thermostat. You'd have to wire it to a receptacle.

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