I have a Saniflo Compact that has stopped flushing. The motor runs but no flush. I used Zep descaling solution first, and a whole bunch a junk came loose. Took the back of the inflow and outtake hoses off and cleaned out as much as I could. But I can't see or get to the macerator section? Do I have to take the whole toilet apart? and how do I do that? I am not a plumber, but a good handygirl, don't wanna break anything. Thanks for any help. And I did go buy the expensive Saniflo descaler,, let it sit all night,, and nothing, Motor still running, no flush. I believe it needs a good cleaning, since it's over 5 years now, and i've just discovered this issue!


There is a good Utube video that explains how to clean the macerator and explains how they get plugged with things like expensive toilet paper and dental floss on occasion moving the pump impeller with a screw driver can break things loose. There were several videos to watch.

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