My house use to have old windows with storms I had to install outside each winter. Through a grant, I had new windows installed. They are double hung, single pane, with screens to the outside. Do I leave the screens on during the winter? How do I keep the cold out with single panes?

  • I see that you're also in Minnesota. I have to ask... are you 100% sure that they're single-pane? I don't know the last time I saw single-pane windows around here, where it regularly reaches -30F in the winter, especially in new windows.
    – isherwood
    Feb 21, 2017 at 20:01

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Well, that wasn't much of an upgrade. I'm afraid you're stuck with having to use that plastic stuff or installing extra storm windows.


Install insulating shutters.

From energy.gov:

Solid shutters will decrease both heat loss and summer heat gain. Insulating shutters consist of wood panels, a vapor barrier, and sometimes a decorative covering. If you fit them tightly against a window frame, they'll provide an insulating air space between the shutter and the window.

Too bad... I would have thought any grant would specify modern efficient windows.

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