My home has laminate (but appears wood) floors, and I want to emulate what we did in the Military, but I don't know any of the product names (just the slang, Sealer)

I have use Linseed Oil on hardwood floors in the past, and really liked the what I got out of it.

Can I use Linseed Oil on my floor to the same effect, or is there a better product to help protect my floors? (Side note: I don't care about the floors look, I care about keeping the material from becoming damaged)

Also, given the suggested protectant: What would be the best way to clean those now-sealed floors?

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Laminate flooring is not made to be sealed after installation. The floors are made with a protective coating that make them durable. Typically they have a good warranty on them. The only problem I had was gaps. My floor was not level and when the seasons changed I would get gaps. I finally solved that from another post on the site.


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