I want to cast a concrete Countertop and I created several test batches. I am confused by what I read and need some double checking.

I use a mixture of 1 Part Cement 2 Part Sand and 0.4 Part Water (weight ratio related to the Cement) and 1.3% plasticizer (ADVA CAST 555)

Here is in detail what I mixed:

8 Liter Sand -> 13 kg

4 Liter Cement -> 5.448 kg

Plasticizer 1.3% of 5.448 kg = 72 gr approx 72 ml (max)

So far all is ok the confusion starts with the water.

What I read the water is measured as a weight ratio related to the cement only, that should not exceed 0.5 (better 0.4).

That would mean in my case 0.4 * 5.448 kg = 2.18 kg = 2.18 Liter

Can somebody confirm that this is all correct? Thx...



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