I removed the sill that was on top of the knee wall between my shower and bath tub. It seems to be made from some carbonate/plastic. I cannot find anything similar anywhere. I dont even know what they call it.

enter image description here

What can I use for this and where can I get them..? I really dont want to tile and I'm not wanting to use granite.


There are many PVC trim and moulding options out there that would be perfect for this. PVC is now engineered to look like wood or stone, but it is non-porous so it will never warp due to moisture. Google "PVC trim" or "PVC moulding" to shop for some near you.

  • I looked at this, but the PVC is really lightweight. What was on there was not PVC. – Andrew Findlay Oct 19 '16 at 21:58

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