I have a pool area which was filled with dirt. Side wall are intact but there were three large holes done at the bottom. During heavy rain season i see there is a water logging in the pool area as water have no way to escape (in the side).

enter image description here

This was discussed in detail in an earlier post Water logging in demolished pool area

Now i want to create a drainage solution to it. I have two options.

Approach #1) create a contour in the middle of pool something like below and put a perforated PVC pipe along the drainage canal.

enter image description here

Approach #2) Do grading and have 3 ground drains to collect water and use the solid PVC pipe.

Approach #3) Use both ground drain and perforated pipe. i.e hybrid approach of #1 and #2

Which of the above are preferred in this situation? I am having compacted soil in the pool area so i believe water is not getting down to the bottom area of the pool for drainage. Pool area is roughly 30'X 15'

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    I would recommend diverting the water away from the sunken pool using turf/ground drains and solid pipe, assuming you have the topography to allow you to bury the pipe and still provide adequate slope, and then discharge it in a lower area. I have heard (anecdotal) about buried pools pushing upwards due to displacement by water. Oct 6, 2016 at 2:03
  • Hi Jimmy, Thanks for the reply.Does that mean option #2 is better? My only concern is in option #2 i can only have 2-3 ground drains and if water seeps into subsurface it will saturate the ground. Isn't perforated PVC pipe good for draining the subsurface water?
    – David
    Oct 6, 2016 at 5:15

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Assuming you can pipe the water somewhere downhill, you can use a french drain if you don't want to have a exposed trench or visible drainage grates in the middle of your yard.

A french drain is a low maintenance underground trench filled with rocks and gravel around a perforated pipe, and it is usually used to pipe the water away to a lower spot or some kind of sump pump.

They also make prefabricated french drains which is easier to install, its basically a "pipe" that you can bury and serves the same purpose without needing rocks and gravel.

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