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Jan 24 at 11:52 comment added vidarlo @ChrisH That's not mentioned in the question. A comment by someone else claims this. As the question stands this (and other answers) are perfectly valid.
Jan 24 at 11:17 comment added Chris H @vidarlo the OP is bolting together veneered chipboard. You'd need big washers to spread the load and avoid crushing the veneer
Jan 23 at 23:00 comment added quantum231 yes, certainly this is the most useful answer, i.e pre-empt the loosening of the bolt.
Jan 23 at 12:22 comment added vidarlo Or you can look up standard values for the bolt you're using. For instance a M8 10.9 zinc plated? 29 Nm. This is a good enough value if nothing is specified.
Jan 23 at 12:05 comment added Trunk Bang on. I'll just add that if the torque setting isn't known for the assembly, then hand-tighten and then use a (torque-)wrench to turn the nut tighter through 90 degrees. This suppresses fatigue-inducing dynamic loads.
Jan 22 at 20:58 history answered vidarlo CC BY-SA 4.0