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Mar 15 '21 at 4:19 comment added Chris Oh first picture is a ceiling shot my bad, thought it was a wall shot by mistake which is why the trap looked weird to me
Mar 14 '21 at 18:34 answer Fresh Codemonger timeline score: 2
Mar 14 '21 at 18:12 comment added Fresh Codemonger are the 18' joists spanning 18' unsupported? only the ends of the joists are supported?
Mar 14 '21 at 18:07 comment added Fresh Codemonger why do you think the trap is doing nothing? it looks like the critical trap length is fine for the weir.
Mar 14 '21 at 14:31 comment added Chris Looks like there is space to move the pipe back behind the wall allowing all studs to be rebuilt. The trap looks like it will do nothing as it is and probably needs rebuilding
Mar 14 '21 at 14:13 history asked Oldoldhouseguy CC BY-SA 4.0