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Preferred solution for leak on a 90 degree pvc corner

Some context: first time home owner with no idea what I’m doing outside of google.

In January, this happened: enter image description here

It turned out there is a leak occurring near the elbow.

1) the elbow itself did not show signs of leaking or cracks 2) the leak is occuring where the pipe meets the elbow

I asked my handman to cut that portion and add a new elbow, but the leak occurred again yesterday

enter image description here

1 area of concern: 1) the horizontal pvc pipe awkwardly touches the concrete. It may be too rigid for handling water vibrations when water passes through. Another concern is that the concrete expands in the heat (it reaches 107 F out here), potentially moving the pvc pipe.

1 question: 1) My handyman suggest flex pvc. Thoughts? This is buried under 2inches if dirt. Ive seen positive and negative, but mostly negative on the suggestion

If so, what could be a recommended solution?