First, a bit of background. I've been a homeowner for over 10 years now, and before that, I would help out my dad with various projects around the house. I've picked up most of my construction skills by volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, and in the process have helped build over 40 homes. I also managed to get suckered into the board on my HOA, and I've gotten very used to trying to find the middle ground with conflicting views.

Since I'm not sure all of my stats are visible to the public, here are a few of mine as of July 25th:

  • I've been visiting the site 471 days
  • I've submitted 74 helpful flags
  • I've cast 1,858 votes, 427 for questions, 1,431 for answers
  • I've asked 6 questions and submitted 426 answers

My meta stats are a lot less impressive. Most of that is because the site seems to run so well with our existing mods. However, if elected, I'll add meta to my RSS feed so I don't miss any questions over there.

As for the great screw debate, I'm opposed to slotted screws.

Finally, a quick thanks to everyone that for participating in the election, and the fine moderators and SE crew that keep the site running so smooth.