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short term What would make a good temporary joint filler between vinyl tile?

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short term joint filler

I'm living with the peal and stick home depot tile that could be installed either grouted or groutless.

I chose the latter.

I have lots of dirt catchers now.

Yesterday I was patching the walls prepatory to painting. I dropped a big glob of joint compound on the floor. On cleaning it up, I notice that if filled the cracks nicely.

"Hmm" thought I. "It's below the surface so it doesn't actually get stepped on. Everytime I wash the floor, I'll lose a film of it. I may end up having to touch it up every so often."

Now the instructions with the tile said "Only use our magic vinyl grout. do not use regular grout." And I can see that. Regular grout is meant to be used with ceramic which is much more brittle.

Now I'm pretty sure that joint compound is not the best material for this. And the reviews say that the original acrylic ground is a PITA to work with.

What would make a good temporary joint filler between vinyl tile? This floor is on my 'replace the floor' list, but it will likely be 2-3 years. Meanwhile I'm tired of cleaning dirt out of cracks.

Thoughts: Vinyl is a pretty non-stick surface. I've had little problem getting paint drips off it even a day later. So a candidate needs to be able to make a mechanical bond with the surface.

It doesn't need to be very strong. It's not the wear surface.

Ideally it washes well, even if it erodes slightly.

It shouldn't be too brittle. Vinyl flexes some.

Lime based plaster? Straight lime putty?

Add some fiberglass strand re-enforcement? Cabosil?