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Under Counter Lighting Why are my LED strip lights dim?

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Under Counter Lighting

I installed water proof LED 5630 strip lighting under my kitchen cabinets. I used a kit of sorts with a small transformer and a remote dimmer switch. Initially, it worked, but flickered at the end of the run. An electrician suggested I remove the remote dimmer, so I installed an in line on/off switch. That didn't help, so I purchased a different transformer at 12V/5A capacity. The lights are now real dim with the end of the run not lighting. The "run" is: 40" of single strand double wire from transformer to 41" light strip...170" of multi strand speaker wire going up in attic, over sink, then down and to a 20" light strip...then jumpered to 22" light strip...jumpered to another 22" light strip...jumpered to 57" light strip. I checked the transformer on a 5 meter length of strip lights and it worked fine. I'm not sure what my next step should be, and any help is appreciated.