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Jan 10 '17 at 16:15 comment added the-nick-wilson I went ahead and marked this one because I'm going to play it safe and keep the downspout. For now I'll just patch the rain barrel again, but in the future I'll try to figure out a way to run the spout so it isn't a tripping hazard.
Jan 5 '17 at 23:38 comment added the-nick-wilson However, I don't know if I understand what you mean by "I only see one downspout"? There are two downspouts visible in both photos on that portion of the roof. Unless I'm misunderstanding the term downspout. And you're right, that half of the upper roof does drain onto the lower roof (which you can kind of see in the second photo on the corner of the upper roof). There are, however, downspouts directly to the ground on the other corners of that upper roof.
Jan 5 '17 at 23:36 comment added the-nick-wilson I do think you're right about that downspout being original. It's hard to see, but in the first photo, if you follow a straight line from the spout towards the camera, and look where the concrete slab meets the river rocks (and where the seam between the two slabs meet), you might see a chunk of concrete in the rocks. I'm assuming that chunk was holding something related to the spout when it was built.
Jan 5 '17 at 21:01 comment added Shimon Rura How can you tell that downspout wasn't added later, without even any photos of the roof?
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