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Top new questions this week:

Why don't electrical receptacles have more than one ground?

All modern receptacles have places for additional hot/neutral wires so you can add more outlets in series, but they all have a single screw or hole for the ground wire. Why don't they have two ...

electrical receptacle grounding  
asked by cds333 19 votes
answered by ThreePhaseEel 54 votes

Using a sealant to stop a toilet tank leak

The toilet tank is leaking through the bolts, but the bolts are so rusted I can't remove them. I can't afford a plumber right now, but would like to stop using bucket-fulls of water to flush. My ...

plumbing toilet leak  
asked by Diane Villafane 14 votes
answered by Jared 30 votes

What else would an hot red wire be for in a split-tab outlet?

We are replacing some older outlets in our home with newer, more modern outlets. In one room, we found that two of the old outlets have two hots: a black and a red wire. The tab has been removed on ...

electrical receptacle usa  
asked by Josh 8 votes
answered by Nate S - Reinstate Monica 12 votes

Repairing a notched floor joist

Situation I was running some new gas pipe and I notched one floor joist and drilled a hole in another. I have now learned that this is not appropriate. This was in the forbidden zone of the middle ...

plumbing wood joists structural engineering  
asked by Peter 7 votes
answered by Matt Simerson 8 votes

Do lag bolts need to be centered?

I'm putting a 56lb TV on a 20lb wall mount and attaching it to two studs with 5 screws (3 on one stud, 2 on the other). Installing the plate so it is off center would make the rest of the installation ...

wood mounting fastener  
asked by LoftyGoals 6 votes
answered by Michael Karas 7 votes

Are these breakers suitable for a GE panel?

I have three types of non-GE breakers on my GE panel. They are from the previous owner and possibly many many years old. I think they are Murray and Square D. Are these breakers that need to be ...

electrical electrical-panel  
asked by user2503795 6 votes
answered by Harper - Reinstate Monica 8 votes

Can new construction recessed lights be installed in inaccessible ceilings?

In California, does code allow me to install recessed lights in a ceiling which which be inaccessible once closed up? (Such as between floors) I have seen it done many times but I was thinking that ...

electrical code-compliance  
asked by Matthew 6 votes
answered by statueuphemism 7 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why do my toilets flush slowly and often incompletely?

I have three toilets that all flush slowly and incompletely. I've adjusted the chain to ensure the flap raises completely. I've raised the float to ensure the tank fills nice and high. Yet I have this ...

plumbing toilet  
asked by allnightgrocery 23 votes
answered by allnightgrocery 19 votes

How do I remove a drill bit that is stuck due to an overtightened chuck?

I recently bought a Bosch PSB 500 RE power drill and already I kinda screwed up the machine. The chuck is keyless, consisting of two parts which I'll refer to as the head and the base. You would ...

drill powertools  
asked by Moataz Elmasry 8 votes
answered by BMitch 21 votes

What's the minimum recommended compressor HP/PSI to spray paint?

I have a little compressor that I use for a small brad nailer and blowing up tires. Is there a minimum PSI or horsepower that I need to be able to get to in order to spray paint with it?

painting spraying compressor  
asked by MattGrommes 11 votes
answered by Eric Petroelje 14 votes

How many lights can be on one breaker?

How many lights can be run from one breaker I would like to add two two tube fluorescent lights to a string of lights I have already.

asked by Terry 2 votes
answered by Jon Raynor 4 votes

How can I stop my washing machine drain from overflowing?

When my washing machine drains it sometimes comes up and out of the open pvc pipe in the service closet where the water heater would drain. I've found lots of posts where people speak of the washer ...

washing-machine drains  
asked by Carey 9 votes
answered by lqlarry 7 votes

When installing hardwood floors, should I use rosin paper, roofing felt, or nothing underneath? Why?

I've installed hardwood floors, over top of OSB subfloor with a layer of roofing felt in between. I copied this from the hardwood floor contractor who did a kitchen in my home once. He'd been in ...

installation hardwood-floor carpentry  
asked by Cheeso 20 votes
answered by shirlock homes 16 votes

How do I refill a fire extinguisher or should I just buy a new one?

My fire extinguisher is out of charge and I want to either refill it or buy a new one. Is it better/cheaper to refill it or just buy a new one? (Can I even refill this fire extinguisher?) EDIT: ...

asked by Jeff Widmer 19 votes
answered by Doc Walker 32 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Really hot or cold showers

We have a new shower rose installed. When starting a shower we have to turn it onto full hot (we have a mixer), then move it slightly towards cold to get it about right. 1mm left or right it is too ...

asked by Colin Thompson 1 vote
answered by Don Powell 0 votes

Floor sagging between joist- please help

I recently bought an old home- 102 years old and have some flooring issues. The long story is we bought it knowing it had foundation problems in the rear right corner. The home had a poured concrete ...

floor joists subfloor hardwood  
asked by Trae H. 1 vote

Running Electrical Wires

Is it ok for electrical wires to run underneath main beam of prefab house to get from one side to the other? The picture shows what has been done by an electrician before I bought the house, so I’m ...

asked by DevonD 1 vote
answered by Ed Beal 0 votes
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