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Top new questions this week:

Masonry bits dulling after 3-4 holes

I'm using an 18v makita hammer drill with a 3/16" Bosch blue granite turbo concrete bit to drill 2" deep holes into concrete-filled cinder blocks. With a fresh bit, it takes about 15 seconds to drill ...

concrete drill masonry bits  
asked by Tyler M 10 votes
answered by peufeu 23 votes

Rotating a concrete slab?

Is it possible to use a hydraulic bottle jack or similar to rotate a 10 x 12' x 6" a few degrees or about 5 inches? I have a recent pour not quite in position. 3/8" rebar throughout in a 6 x 6 grid ...

asked by Merkd 9 votes
answered by Edwin Buck 31 votes

GFCI vs. 40v 5ah battery for water safety

My wife has recently taken to running a cord out near our pool to watch TV. She's very careful, but I was thinking of doing what I can to make it safer, since the outlet in question is NOT a GFCI ...

electrical gfci safety  
asked by zzxyz 9 votes
answered by Harper - Reinstate Monica 21 votes

Removing an old refrigerator water line tap and patch the pipe

An old unused/capped refrigerator water line developed a pinhole and was leaking water, so I closed its valve. Now, the valve is slowly dripping. It's one of those kits where it pierces a water ...

asked by Brad 9 votes
answered by JACK 8 votes

Why do LED Lights Flicker on Low Dimmer Setting

I just wired up the following schematic and both sets of LED recessed lights will flicker when dimmed below full power. It doesn't matter what the other dimmer is set to (full power, low power, off). ...

electrical lighting led dimmer-switch  
asked by Jonah V 8 votes
answered by manassehkatz-Reinstate Monica 17 votes

Did electrician connect this service entrance box wrong?

I recently had solar PV installed. The electrician replaced my service entrance box. Power is fed to an indoor subpanel through a 100A breaker, mounted directly above the service disconnect ...

electrical-panel circuit-breaker  
asked by zwiebelspaetzle 8 votes
answered by Nate S. 6 votes

Old single pane House window has a crack, can I fix it using a resin?

Old single pane House window has a crack, can I fix it using a resin? Sort of like how a windshield crack can be repaired with resin?

windows crack  
asked by J. M. Becker 7 votes
answered by JPhi1618 7 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I remove a drill bit that is stuck due to an overtightened chuck?

I recently bought a Bosch PSB 500 RE power drill and already I kinda screwed up the machine. The chuck is keyless, consisting of two parts which I'll refer to as the head and the base. You would ...

drill powertools  
asked by Moataz Elmasry 8 votes
answered by BMitch 21 votes

How do I properly wire GFCI outlets in parallel?

I have two countertop outlets in my kitchen that I am in the process of replacing with new, GFCI-protected outlets. These two outlets are on a circuit together, and they are the only loads on that ...

electrical kitchens outlets gfci  
asked by Drew Spickes 16 votes
answered by Tester101 17 votes

Why is there water in my washing machine barrel some time after a load?

I have a frigidaire front load washing machine, and we are finding a few inches of water in the barrel after running a load, but not right away -- it takes at least 1/2 an hour before the water ...

water appliances washing-machine  
asked by gravelpot 6 votes
answered by mohlsen 4 votes

Should drywall be hung horizontally or vertically?

For reasons including time, money, ease of installation, and structural strength, should drywall be installed horizontally or vertically.

drywall finishing  
asked by DMoore 19 votes
answered by HerrBag 23 votes

Converting 4 wire supply to 3 wire outlet

I have a 4 wire supply wire. It has a black, white, red and ground wire. I want to supply a 3 wire outlet. Do I combine the white and ground wire?

asked by wayne 3 votes
answered by Tester101 4 votes

When pre-drilling for screws, how do you determine the correct bit diameter?

Suppose I want to pre-drill for, say, a 5/16 screw. How do I determine the correct drill bit diameter?

wood tools drill  
asked by ageektrapped 46 votes
answered by Tester101 50 votes

Should the backer board be in front of or behind the tub flange?

I'm installing a new bath tub and shower. I've removed the old tile down to the studs. Should the backer board be in front of or behind the tub flange? I put it on the rear tub wall from floor to ...

bathroom tile bathtub tiling backer-board  
asked by SAM MCKNIGHT 18 votes
answered by DMoore 18 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Raised plywood false floor for heavy equipment usages

I don't know if this is the correct stack, since it isn't in a home, but I think it still fits. I have a electronics assembly company, and we run two assembly lines. They consist of several machines, ...

subfloor plywood  
asked by Kyle Hunter 1 vote
answered by Ed Beal 0 votes

Sliding bathroom barn door covering cadet heater

This was a design decision I made a month ago and now after things putting together, I have a "duh" moment. This is my bathroom door which will have a barn door sliding to the left: Note that ...

bathroom doors heating interior  
asked by HP. 1 vote
answered by Solar Mike 0 votes

Adjust Shower Mixing Valve

I am trying to adjust a shower mixing value. I don't see a brand or model on it. I need to remove the handle. I see a hole on the bottom of the handle as shown in the picture. I can't find a screw or ...

asked by Bounce 1 vote
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