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Top new questions this week:

Why does replacing this outlet cause a nearby light to stay on?

Gentleman, This one has me baffled. There is an outdoor receptacle I'm replacing. Originally the top outlet has never worked, but the bottom outlet has worked. I took everything out, marked all the ...

wiring receptacle  
asked by Outdated Computer Tech Score of 17
answered by A. I. Breveleri Score of 29

Why are there occasionally sparks in my old breaker panel?

Anyone notice any wiring issues here? I know the housing wires are old. This Main panel runs from the meter. I have noticed occasional sparking here where the blue dots are. It causes the house to ...

asked by Larry D Score of 10
answered by Harper - Reinstate Ukraine Score of 27

Box fill calcs - math vs reality

Working on a project where I am planning a 3-gang switch box. The box will be a plastic carlton super blue (53 in³). My fill-math works out fine, but I'm wondering about the practical reality of such ...

wiring dimmer-switch  
asked by BlueGoldfish Score of 6
answered by RibaldEddie Score of 6

Can I hookup a electric cooktop on 20 Amp breaker?

I am planning to buy a electric cooktop of 2 burners. Right now I have a connection of 20 amp breaker with 12/2 wire. I am confused if both burner are opened at the same time. below are details and ...

electrical electrical-panel  
asked by PowerTech Score of 5
answered by manassehkatz-Moving 2 Codidact Score of 16

What's the best position for under-cupboard lighting?

When we had our kitchen done, the builders put in under-cupboard lighting. Without asking me, they put them right at the back of the cupboards, next to the wall... We are about to replace these ...

lighting kitchens  
asked by Avrohom Yisroel Score of 5

What is a Non-automatic AC Disconnect

The 10 GE AC Disconnects that comprise their list of Spec-SetterTM Safety Switches are categorized fused, no fuse and non-automatic. I want to know the definition of a non-automatic AC disconnect. GEs ...

electrical wiring hvac  
asked by Guiermo Score of 5

What can cause a partial and temporary loss of power?

My elderly mother lives, alone, in a townhouse (basement, full first floor, second floor "loft" type arrangement) in the United States. Construction date unknown, but probably 1990s. She ...

electrical electrical-panel  
asked by Reader Score of 4

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I test whether my furnace issue is the limit switch or the thermostat?

I suspected this issue during the winter and confirmed it now in the summer. Regardless of the temp in my home, the blower motor runs non-stop. In the winter this must have been causing my home to got ...

asked by kareem Score of 4
answered by Tester101 Score of 7

Should my toilet flange sit on top of the backer board or the tile of the floor?

The bathroom model saga continues. The old toilet flange was rusting, and the subfloor was rotting, so I pulled up the subfloor around the toilet, and replaced the drain pipe with ABS, and an elbow. ...

plumbing tile toilet installation  
asked by MarkD Score of 17
answered by InstantHouse Score of 12

How can I override a motion detector light?

I am going to be installing one or two motion detector lights to cover my backyard. I would like the ability to "override" the motion detector. What I mean by this is that I would like to be able to ...

lighting wiring switch  
asked by Kellenjb Score of 15
answered by gregmac Score of 16

How do you determine if a door is Right Handed (RH) or Left Handed (LH)?

I am replacing a few interior doors and I need to know if the existing door is Right Handed or Left Handed so I have them drilled correctly. Sounds like the acronyms for this are RH and LH. This ...

doors door-frame  
asked by mohlsen Score of 26
answered by Engineer2021 Score of 23

How do I remove excess wood stain that dried before I could wipe it off?

While staining some wood, we had an emergency and had to leave. The stain has now dried and I'm not sure how to remove the excess; it's normally wiped off before it dries. When I get home I'm going ...

staining woodworking  
asked by Coward Score of 9
answered by Eric Score of 15

Wire guage needed for standard stove/oven combo

I am running wire for a standard Kenmore stove/oven and wire for a stackable washer dryer unit. Both runs are less than 50'. What amp breaker and guage wire is needed?

asked by Wes Holmes Score of 1
answered by Speedy Petey Score of 4

Should drywall be hung horizontally or vertically?

For reasons including time, money, ease of installation, and structural strength, should drywall be installed horizontally or vertically.

drywall finishing  
asked by DMoore Score of 21
answered by HerrBag Score of 25

Can you answer these questions?

Fill and redrill curtain holes (concrete ceiling)

I have an apartment where previous owners have done a lot of holes on the concrete ceiling for very long a curtain rail. They removed the curtain and the plugs and sealed the holes with single no more ...

concrete ceiling  
asked by anonymous Score of 1
answered by Tim Score of 0

Old aluminum wiring for cooktop and wall oven

I have a home built in 1968 that had all aluminum wiring throughout I replaced the panel and all circuits with copper. The two remaining circuits for a cooktop and separate wall oven are wired in 8/3 ...

asked by Mike Score of 1
answered by Gil Score of 0

How do I fix this paint rip?

Accidentally ripped a piece of paint off the wall when trying to hang something up and now need to fix it ASAP. I have the sample to color match but I don’t quite know what to do to patch this… The ...

repair walls painting paint primer  
asked by Frederic Score of 1
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