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Top new questions this week:

Is there a benefit to having a switch control an outlet?

In my house there is a switch in every room that controls an outlet. I’ve asked my electrician to remove that so that the outlet is always on. He says it’s safer to have a “control switch” but I can’...

electrical switch receptacle usa  
asked by Shamoon 17 votes
answered by Harper - Reinstate Monica 60 votes

Does it matter if my underground conduit overlaps or crosses over existing conduits?

I'm planning on digging a trench for underground electrical conduit. I recently called my state "call before you dig" underground locating service. They finished marking the locations of ...

electrical conduit trench digging  
asked by Andrew 11 votes
answered by Greg Hill 23 votes

Can I have utility location done well in advance of a fence project?

Disclaimer: Before any work is done I'm going to have all utility companies come out to properly mark the utility locations. I'm looking to get a fence installed by a fence company. However, in order ...

fence underground utilities  
asked by William 11 votes
answered by HABO 20 votes

Will old anchor holes in a concrete slab reduce its useful life?

An impaired driver jumped my curb and ripped my square mail post out of the sidewalk concrete that it was anchored into. The bolts were all ripped out of the concrete. Bolts went through the metal ...

concrete replacement hole-repair mailbox sidewalk  
asked by Kirk Hings 9 votes
answered by Jasen 13 votes

Possible to use trim with routed out channel to hide 12/2 or 12/3 wire instead of using Wiremold?

I plan to add some lighting in positions on the ceiling that doesn't have nearby wire available. The there is no free space between the ceiling/roof in which to run a wire (there's the wood, then ...

electrical us california  
asked by Matthew 7 votes
answered by Harper - Reinstate Monica 10 votes

Using 10/2 and/or 8/2 for a 240 only 3-prong

I have 2 dedicated circuits: 40 amp water heater 30 amp electric range Both have 2 hots and a neutral grounded at the panel. One runs through a junction box where the wires are connected and ...

electrical wiring 240v neutral ground  
asked by Laramie 6 votes
answered by Harper - Reinstate Monica 14 votes

Concrete sealant vs spraying to cure a concrete slab

Yesterday I poured a 9ft x 9ft x 5 inch slab and I am wondering if spraying the slab with water is better than using cure and seal during the curing process. I have also seen some people build a ...

asked by Brian Kalski 5 votes
answered by Jack 8 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What could cause my washing machine to stop before the rinse cycle?

My washing machine will get stuck right before the rinse cycle. The washing machine will be full of water. The way to "fix it" is to twist the knob right after the "rinse" line, find the sweet spot, ...

repair appliances drainage washing-machine  
asked by gtaylor85 5 votes
answered by bcworkz 4 votes

What could be wrong with gas fireplace that turns off when I turn it on?

Pilot light is lit. When I turn it on, it starts up, normal amounts of flame. Then it turns a blue flame, and slowly disappears until even the pilot light goes out. This was working not even 2 weeks ...

fireplace gas  
asked by esac 11 votes
answered by Tester101 11 votes

How can I make suction cups stay securely to a tiled shower wall?

I am trying to hang a mirror in the shower and it simply will not stay on the wall. It does not weigh more than a couple of pounds. There are two suction cups. Things I've tried: Cleaning the tile ...

bathroom hanging  
asked by John Conde 13 votes
answered by DMoore 12 votes

What happens if ground and neutral are swapped in a light switch?

I’m replacing a light switch in an old house with lots of uncolored wiring. I removed the switch plate to find two black wires (connected to the switch) and a capped up white wire (see photo below). ...

electrical switch grounding neutral  
asked by Sam 6 votes
answered by Harper - Reinstate Monica 9 votes

Should I set fence posts in dirt, gravel, crushed rock, or concrete?

I have received conflicting advice about how to set wooden fence posts. Many web sites suggest setting them in a concrete cylinder. Someone at the local hardware store had seen posts set in concrete ...

asked by Vebjorn Ljosa 61 votes
answered by acrosman 22 votes

Why does significant condensation gather on my bedroom windows overnight?

When we wake up in the morning, we're observing a significant amount of condensation on the bedroom windows around the edges on the inside (inside the house not between the panes). We had new windows ...

windows winterizing  
asked by Robert Gowland 9 votes
answered by chris 13 votes

Why won't my A/C turn on after I replaced the thermostat batteries?

Our thermostat died yesterday, but after replacing the dead batteries with fresh batteries, and confirming the LCD screen was operable, our AC no longer turns on. I have attempted a factory reset on ...

hvac thermostat  
asked by Matt Beckman 4 votes
answered by Tester101 2 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Breathable Membrane Tyvek

Log Cabin - Would i have moisture issues if i attach a breathable membrane to the outside studded wall leaving a 20mm gap for moisture then attach treated 44mm tongue and groove on the outside. I ...

ventilation shed timber-framing  
asked by Paul Mirage 1 vote

Bonding gas piping, flexible CSST in conjuction with Iron pipe

I recently became aware of the need to bond a gas distribution containing yellow CSST flexible pipe. (TracPipe FGP SS4 750 5 PSI FUEL It has a yellow jacket) When our propane system was converted to ...

natural-gas csst bonding  
asked by Mike D 1 vote
answered by ThreePhaseEel 0 votes

Remove knob from this door handle (F605-245)

I have, what I believe, is a Schlage interior door handle with a privacy lock (you engage a push pin with a narrow wire or whatever fits to disengage the lock from outside the door). The push button ...

interior hardware doorknob  
asked by John Eisbrener 1 vote
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