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Jesus Christ is LORD is really the only thing worth saying.

comment How do I remove black rings on a wood kitchen top formed by a tin can?
I feel your pain buddy. A can of rogue pineapple chunks ruined my counter just this weekend.
comment What tools are required to unclog sink drain with garbage disposal?
@DA01 - I want a compost pile really bad but we are in a town-home & the community association won't let us
comment Garbage Disposal Shoots Contents Upward
From experience...I'd say it's the 2nd option.
comment Why does my furnace turn off when the thermostat's LCD dims?
@byneri - When I replaced our thermostat, there was a whole terminal block worth of wires in addition to the two you have pictured, one of which was external power for the device/relays. Perhaps the two wires are backwards? You could (not sure if this would cause damage) have the two inverted as to which should be where. I saw a reset button on the back of your device, have you tried that? There also looked like there was a potentiometer (spinny dial thing) on the back, is that possibly a hysteresis adjustment?
comment What type of cordless tool battery chemistry should I purchase?
I'm kinda scared because I've read that Li-ion batteries are more sensitive to temp and can actually explode if left somewhere really hot (like the trunk of a car perhaps...which I could foresee me doing).
comment What type of cordless tool battery chemistry should I purchase?
this is comprehensive!
comment Should a bathroom fan vent to a separate duct system?
I'll get in there this weekend and see exactly where it goes. If that's the case I'm going to be mad!