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After going to school to become a network administrator, Mike, fell in love with programming. He has been a midrange (IBM i, iSeries, AS/400) developer since 2000. He has since added ASP.NET to to his toolbox (around 2006) and now does dual duty writing/supporting green-screen applications and ASP.NET internet and intranet applications. He does a lot of integration between the IBM i and ASP.NET.

Besides his programming day job, he dabbles in PHP and many other areas of tech.

You can find him on his website, @MikeWills, Facebook, and Google+

comment Do I have to obtain a permit if an electrician does the work?
I would check with your local inspector. In my area, if you pull a permit as the owner, you are responsible to make sure your meet code, if your contractor pulls it, they are responsible. That is a way for a shady contractor to get out of fixing an issue. Not saying all that use this method are bad.
comment What type of junction box cover do I need?
It's a false back cause we need to get at the plumbing and clean out as well. I would hope that is okay.
comment Are cracks in a newly poured concrete basement floor a problem?
You can also talk to your city inspector. They probably can get you a list of engineers that work on that type of construction. Also, they can put pressure on the contractor to fix it.
comment Why would a sump pump cycle when pumping large amounts of water?
It's really hard to tell. I just decided to call up a septic tank company to take a look. They can pump out the water so they can get a better look at the problem.
comment How do I stop water from coming under my multitrack sliding doors?
@Tester101 You should make that the answer.
comment What can I use to clean the walls in my bathroom before repainting?
What should I wash the walls with?
comment How can you paint tile?
It was just a thought... nothing too serious at this point.
comment How can you paint tile?
You mean I have a choice? I believe the correct words are "yes dear".
comment U-Socket USB Wallplug
It was just added a week or so ago.
comment Plans for building a simple swing set out of wood
I was looking for something similar a couple years ago. The only place I found a kit was at Home Depot. Buying it in a kit with the proper hardware was cheaper than buying each piece separately.
comment How do I install an electrical outlet on a live circuit?
Um... dorm? So you don't own the place? Contact your building manager. But like others have already said, generally you don't have power in a closet.