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comment When installing hardwood floor which room should I start with?
I like this approach. I would start with a room that I didn't care too much about to get used to the technique.
comment When installing hardwood floor which room should I start with?
I also think those floors are probably savable.
comment What is the proper way to remove plywood subfloor?
In the US, "subfloor" means the floor that is directly on top of the joists. If there is additional sheet goods on top of that floor, it may also be called "subfloor". The finish floor then goes on top of it.
comment How do I replace a wooden fence post that was set in concrete?
I also took this approach. After I drilled the post, I used a chisel to remove the remainder of the wood. I ended up having to lengthen the handle of the chisel to reach to the bottom. In my case, the bottom was rotted out so it wasn't that bad. If I needed to burn it out, I'd use a propane weed torch to do it. Make sure you don't burn out a pressure-treated wood post; the fumes will be toxic.
comment How to install LED strip where before I had a fluorescent tube?
Philips makes a bulb called "instant fit" which does not require rewiring.
comment Insulation of Basement Block Wall and Framing
Vapor barriers are a complex subject. The best source I know is BuildingScience.com; you will find good advice there.
comment Should I add a vapor barrier when re-siding?
A great resource for questions like this is BuildingScience.com. You will be able to find a lot of information there.
comment what size wood to use for garage loft
If the 2x12s are too tall, you could look at using LVL lumber. It's more expensive but can carry more load.
comment Free standing shed with single plane roof
I like comintern's answer. If you are going to pour the slab, the best way to attach the base is with bolts embedded in the concrete. If the concrete is already poured, you can use tapcon screws or powder-fired nails (tapcon are easier). If the shed is sheathed in panels (I used T-111 panels on mine), I don't think you need the rafter tie.
comment How can I safely cut the cable on a broken garage door?
If you are careful, you can do this. Note that you should not use steel pipe, you should use solid steel bar. When I did mine I think it was 1/2" tubular steel. You basically unwind the tension one little bit at a time.
comment Is it against code to splice wires inside of the load center?
And, in fact, they aren't uncommon during box replacement, when getting a clean layout may require a few splices.
comment How to apply wallpaper over styrofoam?
+1 on what Steven said. Styrofoam needs to be covered with a non-flammable material such as drywall.
comment Why little holes/dots when I apply joint compound?
+1 on adding a little water and mixing it thoroughly.
comment How to poke coaxial cables out of a wall nicely?
Honestly, I'd just put in the old-work ring, shove the wire back into the wall, and cover it with a blank plate.
comment Is a porch just a deck with a roof?
This is a great answer. To expand a bit on one part, in most places a low deck can be built without permits (though it typically still must conform to code), and building departments may provide standard designs for decks in general. Because porches are rarer, they are going to require more design work and take longer to permit. Having said that, my wife and I did a big (9'x24') second floor covered porch a year or so ago, and we love it.
comment replaced ceiling light wont turn off
Glad I was right. I had a switch that did nothing in my house because of the same issue...
comment How do I tile over a leveled floor with a feathered edge?
If you measure the out-of-levelness, you can find some online tables that will suggest tile size. If it were for a bathroom, I'd probably go to the effort to do bigger tile, but for a laundry room, I'd probably stick with something like 6x6 to make it easier.
comment Are there span tables published for repairing a cut roof joist?
I don't think that your repair is sufficient; I don't think you have enough strength under compression nor do I think that your fastening is enough. I agree with the structural engineer; you want at least 12" of overlap. If you can't get that, then I want to see the old 2x4 attached to the new one by a couple of 3/8 bolts at both ends.
comment Can I leave drywall floating in the corners of my basement ceiling?
It is okay to leave it floating if you use clips. However, you would generally only do that on the top floor; you leave it floating so that truss lift doesn't crack the drywall joint. This is a basement so truss lift is not an issue.
comment 4x4 to support floor joists
I agree with maple_shaft; you need to get something like this engineered. You likely need a beam under all of the floor joists, then proper footings to hold the weight under the posts.