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I got started developing with Delphi (1.0, I was 10) in the family business (making software!), then other languages (C, C#, Java, Objective-C, x86 Assembler) in school and professionally. I worked part-time doing in-house development for a commodities trading company since high school, and have now been working full-time developing in the Financial Services industry since graduating NYU.

I've got an app in the Mac App Store: Comickaze, a handcrafted comic reader for Mac, as well as some open source projects on GitHub. The biggest projects there are UnrarKit and UnzipKit, but I've got a bunch of smaller ones, too.

comment Should I put a dimmer switch on a ceiling fan?
Ah, from the instruction pamphlet: "CAUTION: Use only with permanently-installed 120V~ halogen or incandescent fixtures. To avoid overheating and possible damage to other equipment, do not use to control receptacles, fluorescent lighting fixtures, motor-driven appliances, or transformer-supplied appliances." Thank you very much for helping me not to burn down my house!
comment Should I put a dimmer switch on a ceiling fan?
My switch is this model, whose spec sheet online lists "Ceiling fans" under "Direct load type compatibility". So it sounds like I'm in the clear?