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comment Keeping washing machine lines warm in a cold garage
Pipes that freeze are at risk of bursting due to increased pressure caused by expansion upon freezing. The rubber lines can expand, but are at risk of bursting as they age. I'd be more concerned with the water line leading up to the valve feeding the washer. Is it copper tubing, pex, or something else? Insulation helps prevent freezing due to heat loss. You don't have a heated space, so it will be of limited value, protecting the hoses (minimally) from transient cold. In summary: I'd be concerned, both for the pipes/tubing providing the water feed, and a bit for the rubber hoses.
comment Ontario kitchen reno: does a gas range require a 240V 50A receptacle?
The comments to the original question clarify that. The question is whether a 50A receptacle was required by code. If so, meeting code would require running a feed to the panel, and he was looking to avoid that. The existing feed was not sufficient for 50A.
answered Ontario kitchen reno: does a gas range require a 240V 50A receptacle?
comment Toilet gurgling when another one is flushing: 6-way joint
Just thinking in terms of flows, toilet 1 (as labelled) flows to right, down, then left. It could go directly down and wye into the leftward "away" pipe.
comment Can i use tubing for drain-water under my sink?
Knowing where you are in the world will allow feedback on compliance with local building codes as well. (Whether or not that matters to you, it is useful to include that information for those using this site as a reference)
answered What kind of grease can be used on outdoor screws to avoid rust
comment Jack and Jill bathroom light sensing door locks
For the common case of ensuring privacy against accidental entry when occupied, it doesn't need a key even. What are referred to as "privacy locksets" have a mechanism to override the lock, commonly with a thin metal pin.
comment What's required to wire a repurposed cooktop in my shed?
But his third wire is bare, so it has to be a ground. It sounds like a cooktop with no neutral, such as that discussed in this question:…
comment How do I fix squishy tiles in shower floor?
It's just the floor in the shower that would get pulled up to allow for a new waterproof pan. There are several methods possible: membrane, kerdi, etc.
answered What's required to wire a repurposed cooktop in my shed?
comment Backdraft issue w/bathroom exhaust and dryer connected to same air outlet
Almost identical question:…
comment Why do lag screws have the unthreaded body between the head and the threads?
I believe most if not all commercially produced threaded fasters are produced with die rolling rather than cutting, as they are superior in strength and smoothness. And you can find bolts that have shanks narrower than the threaded portion. Those are produced to allow uniform stiffness over the bolt, where a thicker shank would be too stiff. (Engine head bolts are the common example I can think of there.)
comment Can I slide out pieces of laminate and replace?
It's worth stating that this depends on it being a floating floor, where the planks are neither glued down to the subfloor nor glued to each other.
answered Should I remove this saddle valve, if so what is the best way to do so?
comment How can I figure out why my undersink water filter system is clogged?
If you're sure the cartridges went in all the way, and that you reset the water meter dial, it's likely some component failed.
comment Replacing an octagonal ceiling fan power outlet
Since @ArchonOSX mentions the ears on a box, others should note that the bent over ears on a metal box aren't suitable for hanging a fan. Fan support should pass through the box to structure, or use a fan rated box that has stronger structure built in. (The original question refers to a "tip", which could be the support post in a fan rated box.)
answered How can I remove these Hep20 tees?
comment Trying to fix a leaky faucet, structure was not I expected after removing the knobs
Can you determine the brand? If so, you can then look for exploded diagram on the manufacturer's site. I did a little searching, and Grohe has models that look a little (but not exactly) like that, and in theirs that chrome piece is a cap that pries off. It also appears that you could shut off the water, disconnect it underneath the sink, and lift the whole assembly up a bit to see how that top part comes apart.
comment Placing stove in center of island or on an edge
+1 for pointing out the safety issue. I have a 10-12" counter between my range and a doorway, and even with that small amount of buffer I worry about my kids running past that close to the stove.