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I work in the West Virginia University Applied Space Exploration Lab. It's pretty much my dream job. We write LIDAR-based relative navigation software for asteroid rendezvous.

I used to work in bioinformatics. My Ph.D. is in Cell & Molecular Biology (2013), from the University of Texas at Austin. I use Ruby for writing tools for that, as well as for community organizing.

I'm also a computer scientist by training (Virginia Tech Class of 2007), and am fluent in C++ and C.

I am most comfortable in UNIX/Linux; I'm a Mac user and an Ubuntu person. In addition to Ruby, C, and C++, I am decent at Python.

Oh, and I'm the director of the SciRuby Project! Check us out. Sciruby.com. I'm currently working on writing NMatrix, a numeric matrix extension for Ruby in C. It should go beta fairly soon, which is very exciting.

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