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comment How can I level concrete pavement for an above-ground pool?
Every above ground pool I've ever worked on used sand as the layer just under the liner. I've obviously seen cement in-grounds, but the cement was poured and leveled with much care. Your description of the cement that you want to use is not what I would consider "much care" and the sandbox bib describes leaves room for the possibility of shifting and the possibility of the liner coming in contact with a sharp piece of cement. That being said, these pools run in the $300 range so maybe I'm just being paranoid when I think of the thousands of dollars it costs to replace my liner.
comment Can I repair the floor in the water heater closet with an old street sign?
Please fix the moisture problem and don't just kick the can down the road to the next owner.
comment How can I level concrete pavement for an above-ground pool?
I'm guessing this is an inflatable pool? IMO fixing the slab-area is more work than re-locating the pool and outlets. (From someone who has dug thousands of feet of 18" ditches through south eastern New England's rock-infested countryside to wire pools.) But I'm guessing you're also looking for something to do with this cement slab area as well, and and you don't want to have the slab area go unused while having another 150 sq' of your yard taken up by pool. I would consider the cement area to be a dubious location for the pool, given your description.
comment What type of concrete sealer to use to prevent frost heaves in my driveway?
If removing the link makes the answer worse then the link should stay. Link + disclaimer is fine as long as readers know the affiliation. In the ideal case the the person answering would list their product + disclaimer + competitors, but I don't think editing the post to remove the link is beneficial if it actually makes the answer less useful. I'll post this comment as an answer on meta for more discussion.
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