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comment What could happen if I used 4 cycle fuel in a 2 cycle engine?
Better fit at mechanics.stackexchange.com (we do small engines there as well)? Also, you buy regular fuel at Home Depot? O_o
comment Removable windows for the porch or sunroom
This sounds interesting. Are there pictures of these types of shutters? Do they have a special name?
comment How can I stop heat loss due to an uninsulated porch?
Provided there are shut off valves for this section, why not just shut it off and drain it to leave it empty, but potentially useful should the porch be ever insulated in the future?
comment When finishing drywall, is it a common practice not to mud the bottom of horizontally-hung drywall?
As a professional, upon encountering non-ordinary surface such as the one in question, whether before taking a job, or during working on it, would you not inquiry the customer if there is anything special that needs to be done?
comment What new technology replacements are available for incandescent globe light bulbs for the bathroom vanity light?
@MichaelKohne, Feit has white and clear halogen G25s, 40 W (60 W equivalent), 600 lumens, but low 1500 hours.