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comment Outside Ceiling Fan Problems: Light But No Fan
Traffic noises are too loud to detect any humming, but I can feel a slight vibration and hear the motor trying to function when I have it on the highest setting. The blades turn easily when moved by hand, but I still get nothing from the motor. Guess that means it's time for a new one.
comment Should my water heater drip constantly?
Resolution: Answers seemed to indicate that this was a problem likely to occur with old/rusty water heaters. Mine is neither. In the end, I used a board to press firmly against the pin that acts as a stopper for the release valve (the same thing the plumber had hammered against). By applying even, firm pressure instead of whacking it, the dripping stopped.
comment How full can my sump pit get before I should worry?
Thanks to everyone who gave tidbits on this question! Based on the speed issue you mentioned I went ahead and replaced the whole pump with a higher-end one. The difference was immediate and very pronounced - I had no idea it should empty that fast!
comment How much should it cost to add a circuit breaker?
Thanks for providing some numbers and reasoning. I guess I won't really know for sure until I get someone out for it, but this helps me know what to expect!
comment How much should it cost to add a circuit breaker?
That's precisely why my first paragraph ends with I'm in central Maryland.