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comment What type of paint and how many coats should be used to paint a radiator?
Do you know if it is steam or hot water? Steam would run at a higher temperature and maybe need a different treatment. Are pipes running into it on both ends?
comment How do you calculate if it's worth it to insulate?
Well that's the problem. There are a combination of cathedral ceilings and kneewalls that seems to make this a complicated project. You could do dense pack cellulose for the cathedral, but filling the large voids with dense pack doesn't make sense. So maybe loose fill over the flat ceilings and just leave the vertical walls uninsulated in those spaces? I've spoken with several roofers who have each come up with different proposals, and an home energy auditor who thought with gas heat it might take 8-10 years before it justifies itself financially.
comment How do you calculate if it's worth it to insulate?
Financially and comfort, if it's a close call for the environmental factor too.