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First time homeowner. It's pretty amazing how all those - "We can fix that" problems you noticed during walkthroughs remain undone after three years.

I spent 13 summers as a kid working in my grandpas's woodshop, following around my master electrician/engineer/all-world-handyman dad, or doing random construction crew work. I've dabbled at everything except plumbing, and I'd say I'm an expert at holding. Holding the flashlight, holding the dumb end of the tape measure, and holding heavy things above my head while someone digs in a toolbox.

comment Is it possible to smooth over these drywall imperfections?
I was up to 10 coats on one particularly bad spot. It is ALWAYS easier to re-cut the drywall than fill those holes. Unless you're paying a guy 10 cents an hour, he should buy more material and try again.
comment Is it possible to convert a truss attic into living space?
I'm not sure how to make a "real" answer out of this question, but yes I've done it and yes you have the major components down. Another consideration is an egress point depending on the purpose of the living space.
comment How can I dispose of large glass mirrors?
On repurposing, I use freecycle for stuff like this all the time. You could also post in the free section of craigslist.
comment How do I troubleshoot power receptacles?
Any interest in submitting this answer for the blog?
comment How should I fill in decorative “gashes” in wood siding?
@MikeB - You can use the same paint. Let the bondo cure, sand, prime, and paint it. Sometimes bondo needs a little extra primer (a big patch feels like it sucks it in). Once it's primed well it will take paint without a problem.
comment How do I secure a vinyl window to the wall?
Check out the site blog entry about replacement windows for pictures and tips.
comment Fix a Leaky Faucet?
And blogs! Everyone needs a blog entry about fixing faucets. Disclaimer: I wrote this several months after this answer.
comment Is there a way to store drywall vertically on its side?
Make sure you strap it to the wall or something. I know 1/2" will bow if it's just leaned against a wall for months.
comment Second layer of drywall on textured ceiling: Do I need to sand down or remove the texture before second layer goes on?
Yeah, I was sorta leaning this way too. 1/8 isn't a lot, and the texture will probably be flattened when the new wallboard is screwed up, but then again it wouldn't be very hard to run a pole sander over the ceiling and knock it down a bit.
comment How do I prepare an already painted wall for new paint?
A tinted primer when going from light to dark paint also seems to help. We put a thick forest green type color over a pale yellow in two rooms. The first was just painted over, took 4 coats! The second with a tinted primer coat took just 2 coats of paint.
comment How do I install this fire screen?
@DA01 The front is wide open if that door isn't leaning in place. We never use and probably will never use this fireplace, I'm running the AC right now.
comment How to avoid using door trim
I think the pre-hung door is the sticking point here, generally "hidden" doors use custom hinges and a wider jamb (or something like ezy jamb).
comment What does a “1 Gang” mean when talking about electrical boxes?
@BradGilbert - Thanks! Added new image.
comment What is permissible for a breaker box cover?
I would be very wary of replacing the actual box cover with something that's not an approved cover for the box. Part of that cover's job is to contain sparky situations. Generally I've only seen shallow cabinets hung "around" the box, or some sort of curtain setup.
comment What is normally done to bridge skirting boards around an opening with different floor levels on each side?
@BMitch, Yep, not the best piece to finish it with. I was going to be strangled if I made one more trip to the hardware store. I'm the only one that notices, naturally.
comment How do I wire a switch/receptacle combination?
I had wondered how you and Chris both used this advanced circuit drawing program :)
comment How to remove closet shelf clips and brackets without damaging the wall?
@Tester101 is right, I have those same clips. You still end up with a very noticeable hole. Use a screwdriver to pry the nail up a bit then grab it with a claw hammer or pliers.
comment Why are bulbs burning out quickly in newly installed light fixtures?
Is there anything else on this circuit? Any motor type loads on the same circuit can wear down bulbs.
comment What are the advantages and disadvantages of nails and dowel pins?
Check out this question for more tips.
comment What is the purpose of a bathroom exhaust fan?
One other thing to think about - even if the fan isn't running, hot air rises and most of it is going to end up in your attic. Steam will just have a little more time to shed its moisture in your bathroom when the fan's not running.